Festival information

Age verification

Hide&Seek Festival is a 18+ concert and we operate the ‘Check 25’ policy. If you look under 25 please ensure you bring ID with you to gain entry.

The Security staff will only accept a valid Passport or Drivers License (provisional is fine). No ID = No Entry.

Refunds / cancellations

Tickets are non refundable.

Tickets will NOT be refunded if you are refused entry for one of the following reasons:

  • You are deemed to be too intoxicated.
  • You appear to be under the influence of drugs.
  • You are found to be in possession of drugs.
  • You don’t have valid ID proving you are over 18. (See above)
  • You do not adhere to the venue’s dress code.

In the instance of entry being refused for one of the above reasons, the decision of the door staff is final.

Zero tolerance drug policy

Hide&Seek Festival operates a zero tolerance drug policy. We will be conducting thorough searches upon entry, search dogs and bag checks will be in operation at the ticket checkpoints.

All attendees will be required to be searched upon entry. Any refusal to be searched will result in being ejected from the site. Anybody found to be in possession of drugs or illegal substances will be ejected from the site and handed over to the police.

Forced entry

During the first edition of the festival we had 2 unwanted guests try and make their way into the festival without paying who were luckily stopped by security. The festival is a place for people to feel safe and enjoy themselves. Therefore this year trained security dogs will be circulating the perimeter, please think twice before trying to sneak in.

Car parking

There is NO PARKING on site!

Last entry

You must enter the festival before 2pm to guarantee entry.

Food vendors

There will be a selection of food vendors on site. No food purchased offsite will be permitted onsite.

Dress code

We know how much a little effort with attire can add to a festival. So we are encouraging your most funkiest of garments to make an appearance.

Please note there will be a door policy against sporting attire so please be aware you may be denied entry for large sports branding and tracksuits.

Prohibited items:

  • Illegal Substances
  • Nitrous Oxide / canisters or related paraphernalia 
  • High Visibility Jackets
  • Aerosols
  • Air Horns / Megaphones 
  • No Glass or Glasswear
  • Anything the security team consider may be used as an offensive weapon.